AMC General Assembly met this March in Nairobi, Kenya.



AfricaWide Movement for Children charts a new future. Mr. George Nyakora, a Kenyan child rights activists elected President
Nairobi, Kenya, March 7, 2012 - 53 leaders and representatives of African child rights civil society organisations and activists met in Nairobi under the auspices of the AfricaWide Movement for Children (AMC) - a pan African organisation that seeks to advance the realisation of children’s wellbeing on the African Continent.

18 African countries, namely; Benin, Cameron, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia were represented at the meeting. The civil society leaders reviewed the progress of African countries in fulfilling their commitments to children under the “Africa fit for children framework”. While acknowledging some progress especially in terms of enacting progressive laws and policies in some of the countries, participants expressed serious concern about the generally slow progress in the improvement of the plight of children across the continent largely due to under resourcing by many African governments of the key sectors responsible for children’s wellbeing. “As Africans we have made a lot of progress over the past few decades, but we can do better” said the outgoing President of the AMC, Mme Wambui Njuguna. The two-day meeting further reviewed issues around governance in African countries and how it affects children’s wellbeing as well as the role of civil society in Africa’s development and ways of
engaging African governments to advance the case of children.

The meeting also adopted a constitution and a strategic plan to guide the work of the AMC. A new team of leaders was also elected to lead the work of AMC for the next two years (2012-2014). Mr.George Nyakora, of the SOS-Kinderdorf International in Kenya, a renowned children’s rights activist was elected by acclamation as President. The other positions of the Custodians, representing the five major regions of Africa went to Mr. Leon Bertrand Enama representing Central Africa, Dr. Ali
Osman representing North Africa, Mr Mohamadou Lamine Cissé representing West Africa, Mr. Eric Guga representing Eastern Africa and Mr. MacBain Mkandawire representing Southern Africa. For continuity on the Board of Custodians Ms. Stella Ayo-Odongo of the Uganda Child Rights Network of Uganda was reelected to serve another term. AMC members pledged to work more closely together in holding African governments accountable to the various commitments that they have made towards the improvement and realisation of the rights of children on the African continent.

Mr George Nyakora, AMC President, observed that “change and progress in the lives of Africa’s children will never come on its own. We have to make it happen. That is why the AMC was initiated, that is why we are here. And we rededicate ourselves to do so. We Africans have to own our commitments. We have to reclaim our destiny and our future”.

Concluding the meeting, Mr. David Mugawe, Executive Director of The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) and head of The AMC Secretariat pledged his commitment to serve AMC and the cause of Africa’s children. He emphasised that members of the AMC need to act in collective solidarity to advance the best interests of children in Africa. “The AMC will become a strong advocacy voice for children’s issues on the continent if we stand as a unified voice” he stated at the closing of the
meeting in Nairobi.

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DAY 1 : Open Day for Networking and Learning
Presentation and discussions of Country Reports using the ‘Africa fit for Children’ Framework:
Deogratias Yiga, ANPPCAN, Uganda
Moustapha Diop, Educateur Spécialisé, Senegal
Prof Atangcho Akonumbo, Vice Dean in charge of Research and Cooperation, University of Yaounde, Cameroon
Synthesis Report on the Common Position on an Africa fit for Children
Prof Atangcho Akonumbo, Vice Dean in charge of Research and Cooperation, University of Yaounde, Cameroon
The Operating Environment for Child Rights Work: Changing Dynamics, Opportunities and Challenges
The Civil Society Principled Partnership for Development Effectiveness
Paul Okumu, ACPPP
The changing aid and funding situation: Opportunities and Tactics to keep abreast
John Ulunga, Foundation for Civil Society, Tanzania
Effective Networking : The Role of members in the growth and success of a Network : Mr Moses Adedeji, Children's  Rights Network
Capacity Needs Assessment for AMC as a basis for a Capacity Building Programme
DAY 2 : AMC Business
AMC 2009-2011 Programme & Management Report
Stella Ayo Odongo, Custodian, AMC


Mme. Wambui Njuguna- President of AMC 2008 - 2012

Dr. Assefa Bequele - ACPF Distinguished Fellow

Mr. George Nyakora - President of AMC

Mr. David Mugawe - Executive Director, ACPF

Synthesis Report on the Common Position on an Africa fit for Children (20min)

Prof Atangcho Akonumbo, Vice Dean in charge of Research and Cooperation, University of Yaounde, Cameroon
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